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Take It To The Limit

The Eagles formed in 1971 as a rock band, at a time when music was once again ripe for change, seem to have been around for ever and ever, which indeed they have, churning out hit after hit, touring endlessly, forming and reforming, but regardless of time passing, keeping their music as alive and fresh as the day it was first released to adoring fans.

The Eagles gained notoriety for their off and on the stage antics, trashing hotel rooms, instruments and just about anything that came into their orbit: drugs and alcohol the drivers, but their music was something else again; thoughtful, provoking and excellently presented  as the hit charts will read well into history.

As members of Linda Ronstadt’s super group backing band Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon formed the nucleus of what would later become The Eagles. Ben Fong- Torres followed their rise, fall, rise, fall and rise over the years as a music journalist with the Rolling Stone Magazine, of which he was later to become Editor. Fong-Torres has collated his many stories, meetings and concert attendances, along with a massive amount of research, to create a wonderful history of The Eagles, the super group who just keep on giving, still touring: Now at an age when many are slowing down, they seem to be thriving.

Hotel California lyrics created uproar, but the track became a serious chart contender, with the beautiful Take It Easy the first single to be released in 1972; Peaceful Easy Feeling was released as a single off the 1972 debut album Eagles and is still considered as  one of their most popular songs.  And so it began!

The Eagles – Take It To The Limit is a collage of page after page of photographs, with words interspersed to break the pictorial journey, of a group who took the world by storm in 1972 and continue to belt out their unique style of rock music creating new hits, as well notoriety, along their fifty year journey, continuing to enchant young audience’s over and over again, along with their dedicated fans of many years standing.

Beautifully collated Eagles – Take It to the Limit captures the group over years they have truly fulfilled their ideal: to become a band for their times and somehow along their journey, have become a band for all times.

Author Ben Fong-Torres
Publisher Welbeck
ISBN 9781787394377
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released December 2020