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Absolute Proof

Long before Absolute Proof became a manuscript, Peter James received a phone call from a man claiming to have been given absolute proof of God’s existence. James was told by this gentleman that he was assured that he, Peter James, would help him be taken seriously.

All stories have a point where the germ of an idea grows into a reality and in this case, and almost 29 years later, Absolute Proof is the end product of this singular phone call.

We met Ross Hunter an investigative journalist trying to patch up a marriage which has taken a battering, earn a reasonable living as a freelancer and hold his somewhat abstract life together, as he and Imogen are expecting their first child.

Some years before this event though, Ross was made aware of a very different spiritual perspective on life, when his twin brother Ricky was killed in a terrible, freak accident; an event which was to shake him to his very core, leaving him wondering, searching for answers, for many years to come.

A phone call from Dr Harry F. Cook, almost not answered, began a quest for truth, and a sensational front-page story, trying to ascertain whether the information given to Dr Cook was true, or just another fanciful story put about by religious zealots. Dr Cook claims he has absolute proof of Gods’ existence, proof, which in the wrong hands could change the course of the world forever, in all the wrong ways, and will certainly challenge the very foundations of the world’s major religions.

Cook lets it be known that should Ross Hunter undertake the task of working with him, it would be dangerous and could be deadly; but whatever the result there would be consequences which would have lasting ramifications for established religion.

Somehow the word gets out that there may indeed be proof that Joseph of Arimathea, when he fled to Britain, had bought with him a chalice, suggested to be the last vessel Jesus had drunk from before his crucifixion, and that this chalice was hidden at Glastonbury; The Holy Grail!

From that moment on both Dr Harry F. Cook and Ross Hunter are placed in danger. When Cook is found dead, murdered, Ross begins to realise that people will stop at nothing to discover the truth about the existence of God.

The quest rages across London, Glastonbury and rural England eventually leading to America where Ross meets a down and out of luck magician, Michael (Mike) Delaney, a man of mystery and magic, a man who holds some of the answers.

Absolute Proof will cast a spell as the pages turn, leaving the question to be answered, Does God exist?

A brilliant novel from the pen of award winning and highly acclaimed author Peter James wrapping around a story that could very well be absolutely true!

AuthorPeter James
PublisherPan MacMillan Publishers
DistributorPan MacMillan Publishers
ReleasedOctober 2018