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Artificial Wisdom

Chilling and able to be considered as our reality moving into the future, Thomas R Weaver has, in his debut novel, Artificial Wisdom captured what comes next, as our World grapples with the all too real issue of Climate Change.

Set in the year 2050, ten years after a massive heatwave hit the Arabian Gulf killing four hundred million people, changing the world irrevocably, bringing wide spread hardship and suffering to every country, the effects of climate change are now extreme.

Marcus Tully, a journalist noted for telling the truth, lost his wife and unborn child in the devastation and now, in the weeks leading up to one of the most powerful elections to ever take place world-wide, a whistle blower contacts him, asking him to seek out the truth behind what really happened and why.

A former US President and a powerful AI, Solomon, are vying for role of Dictator, a position created to try and stop the horror of the World slowly burning up, destroying itself. The populace has two weeks before they cast their votes. Corruption is rife, control is the prize, people everywhere are suffering.

Mired in a world of pain and grief, Tully can’t resist the challenge; the Whistle Blower knows just how to get at him. He sets off on a journey that will have horrific consequences both for himself, as well as those he works with and cares about. The truth is becoming illusive, but what is the truth?

He slowly begins to realise that the past is perhaps in the past and maybe, there is a future to be considered. Or is there? Who can he trust, who or what is real and who is not, is the question he begins to ask himself.

Weaver has captured what could be the future World with care and insight in a story which will resonate. Slow to begin it picks up the pace as the levels of deception are revealed, the layers of confusion increase, the death toll continues to mount.

Ending in a bit of rush and some bewilderment, there are many loose ends. Perhaps, that is the point!

Artificial Wisdom is a Sci-Fi techno-thriller thriller with a wide appeal.

Author Thomas R Weaver
Publisher Chainmaker Press
ISBN 978-1739434304
Distributor Thomas R Weaver
Released October 2023