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Black Widows

One man with three wives and a life living on a hidden stretch of land in Utah, made perfect sense to Blake Nelson; his wives were very different, each adding different emotion to the domestic structure. Rachel the first wife was doting and obedient, Tina the first of the sister wives’ was exactly the opposite, while Emily the youngest sister wife knows little else other than life in the ‘family’ unit. Religion is the guide and self-sufficiency the name of the game.

The only time the three women were in agreement was when Blake turns up dead, murdered the Police said. Each believes the other has killed him, but as time passes and the Police fail to pin anything on them, they want to try and find out who killed him while he was fishing at his favourite fishing spot down on the river. 

As the investigation continues and the Police try their best to pin the murder on one of the wives, the more totally debauched happenings in connection with a cult affiliated with the Mormon or Church of the Latter Day Saints comes to light. There have long been rumours circulating about a weird cult hidden in the Hills around Utah and also the possibility that Emily may not be the last of Blake’s wives, there may be a wife number four somewhere about the Hills. But how much truth is there to these rumours?

Black Widows is told in three voices, that of the three women, as they try to discover what happened and what Blake had been doing all the time he was away from the ‘ranch’, supposedly working. As the three wives realise they need to work together to find out who did kill Blake, or if it was not one of them, they begin to put their petty jealousies aside and really get to know each other.

The more they build trust the more the stories of neglect, abuse and tyranny come out into the open painting a picture of pure horror, all in the name of religion: megalomania, overseen by The Prophet!

Cate Quinn has presented an addictive Murder Mystery placed firmly inside a cult based on religion, polygamy, fear, control and unique beliefs, which gives the plot a very real element of possibility. As said earlier Black Widows is addictive and is best read with plenty of time to become engrossed in a story that twists and turns, is well researched and an absolute thriller of a novel.

Author Cate Quinn
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781409196969
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released February 2021