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Born Into This

Adam Thompson has in his delicately crafted debut work Born Into This, captured the essence of what life is like from a First Nations peoples perspective, of life in the fast paced modern day world of Australia and all its efforts to slowly move towards  some form of acceptance and reconciliation.

Sensitive, funny, quirky and telling, the stories that make up the anthology are about people, life, living, challenge and the very everyday nature of change. The Old Tin Mine investigates the price of pride and refusal to take on change. Honey is a fascinating read that captures in entirety the outcome of abuse, disrespect and like the circle of life, what goes round, eventually comes around, this time with a tragic end.

Careful use of words build a verbal artwork in Bleak Conditions which creates a reflection on family bonds, tolerance and the marginalised that live in the parks of the country, as Jarrod is rescued in the depth of a Tasmanian winter, yet again from a camp on the edge of a park. How long can family bonds hold or will they remain broken forever?

Dorothy gets very upset about what she perceives as in an imposter, a school friend of sorts who claims to have Aboriginal ancestry, or does she. The Descendant looks at the very heart of what it means to be Indigenous, with roots that go back thousands of years.

Born Into This is indigenous only because Adam Thompson is Indigenous, He has worked for more than twenty years for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, caring for the land and heritage to preserve community history. The one salient and overlying emotion captured in each of the stories is they could be about anyone, young, old, indigenous, an immigrant from another time and place, as each of the pieces is written about the very fragility of the human spirit.

Deeply reflective of culture, Born Into This is poignant, hopeful, raw, honest, beautiful and an absolute gem.

Author Adam Thompson
Publisher University of Queensland Press (UQP)
ISBN 9780702263118
Distributor University of Queensland Press (UQP)
Released February 2021