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Broken Light

Life is never easy for youngsters who are perceived to be strange, different and an outsider. However later in life, if this difference is as a result of having the ability to enter the thoughts and minds of others and to change their attitudes, mindsets and actions, it could transform a dull life as a middle aged woman, to one of power and intrigue.

When a young woman, Jo Perry, is murdered in a local park not far from the seemingly unremarkable Bernie Moon’s home, she is revitalized. Feeling more invisible by the day, ignored by her son, at beck and call of her husband and unnoticed by those around her, this news sparks memories of her hidden talent; one she had not thought of for years.

Her talent is the ability to go into people’s ‘houses’ (minds). She can see who they really are, spot danger, and most importantly prevent it. Initially she only uses this ability to avert harm and help others, however her friend Iris, who she saved from a predatory man, has different ideas; she goads her to use her powers for less than desirable ends.  

While this book is promoted as another mystery thriller by bestselling author Joanne Harris, the mystery element isn’t at the heart of this narrative. Although there is a hint of magical realism and supernatural powers, this modern novel draws the reader into the life of a middle aged woman living an ordinary life but whose rage gives her power to regain her identity.

The unexpected twists and unanticipated ending will keep readers engaged until the last page. However, some may find this a difficult read, as the author tackles not only misogyny, depression, and abuse.

Author Joanne Harris
Publisher Hachette Australia. Imprint Orion.
ISBN 9781398710832
Distributor Hachette
Released May 2023