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Bruny is Heather Rose’s eighth book, her fifth adult novel: her last book, The Museum of Modern Love, which took eleven years to write, won her several awards; the Stella Prize and the Christina Stead Prize awarded in 2017.

Returning to her native Tasmania, Rose writes, with a deep passion and love for Tasmania, her home /heartland, is evident in this enthralling novel. Bruny took me on a little visit to Tasmania courtesy of a storyline I could not putdown. She says it’s a political satire wrapped around the current and on-going global political situation, as well as the increasing concerns about the rise of power the Chinese Communist Party in Australia, however in the chaotic world of today, I hope she is not prophetic.

Bruny is narrated by Astrid Coleman, or Ace, who is a renowned conflict resolution expert working for the UN based in New York. After years of absence she returns to Tasmania to help her brother, the Premier, who has sanctioned a huge suspension bridge between Tasmania and Bruny Island causing much dissention among the people of Tasmania and Bruny.

When the bridge is blown up only three months from completion with the culprit or culprits remaining unknown, Ace finds she is facing issues within her own family and as she is there for the specific purpose of pouring oil on troubled waters, once she finds out the true motive for the bridge, she is left facing a life changing decision.

Part political intrigue, Bruny explores family dynamics, concerns about the expanding Chinese presence in Tasmania, the New World Order while weaving a love story around the beauty that is Tasmania and Bruny.

A really great read. Now I am off to find The Museum of Modern Love.


Author Heather Rose
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760875169
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released October 2019