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Cobalt Blue

Reading a book that challenges your beliefs, whilst you know it to be a work of fiction is a very strange experience. The books main character is looking for inspiration at a time in her life that she is recovering from a broken relationship and questioning what it is she truly wants from her life. She is struck by this transcendental experience that appears to unlock her deeper darker needs at a very base level, whilst at the same time her logical self tries to fight these impulses.

What follows is in some parts a sexual misadventure and in some ways a certain amount of sexual liberty; as the character comes to understand and “control” her “need and cravings” and pour this into her art works.

If all this is not enough there is political intrigue and pressure owing to a commission she has undertaken. Trips to new Orleans and connecting with Voodoo in order to better understand what she is experiencing. She has the support and love of her creative art studio friends and in some cases confesses the roller coaster of emotions and experiences she is currently working through.

The bonds of friendship run deep within the studio friends making a nice contrast to the almost out of control nature of the main character; it give a homely feel and grounds the book. Enjoy the writing, the mystery and the joy.

At it’s heart the book is a journey of self discovery and acceptance.

AuthorPeggy Payne
PublisherRoundfire Books