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Dark Sacred Night A Ballard and Bosch Novel

There are many features that lead to writing a superb Crime Thriller, and it seems that Mr Connelly has them all covered. His research shows us his intense knowledge of Police procedures and practices, as well as the natural responses that may be expected from Senior Detectives. His characters are interesting and to begin with, a little understated, but we soon learn that Renee Ballard is a quiet, unassuming woman who is fixated with her Police work. She meets an older detective, (Harry Bosch), whose thinking matches and enhances hers.

Renee has been moved to the Hollywood division and is working the night shift. She meets Harry who has quietly come into the room not knowing she was there. Eventually, they talk about the cold case that has Harry so focussed. A fifteen-year-old girl, who was a run away, was found murdered ten years ago. No one has been found who may have committed the crime. Harry has met Daisy’s mother who has taken to drugs to cope with her grief. He has now become obsessed with this case. Renee is horrified by the gruesome details and when, times are quiet, she helps Harry to search through old records held in card form, for possible suspects.

The chapters are headed Bosch or Ballard, and we follow their progress, not only of Daisy’s case, but other call outs for Renee.  Harry is also investigating the execution of a 52-year-old gang leader. He had a witness from that time, but Bosch made the mistake of leaving his card for the witness, in case he needed to call the detective. When the man was found dead with Bosch’s card between his teeth, the tension begins to build, and inevitably a confrontation occurs.

As the pace of the story builds, gradually we learn more about the intense research that the two detectives have been doing. Little by little, a picture begins to build, but not before the gang captures Harry, and Renee bends the rules to save her friend. We begin to learn more about the characters and see their trust in each other develop. They are both rather quiet, dogged individuals, who have the ability to think laterally.

As well as working towards solving Daisy’s murder, Renee is called out on other cases.  These again show her analytical thinking and confidence in her own ability to read the crime scene. This is a superb Crime thriller, and hopefully we will see more of these two characters working together.

Author Michael Connelly
Publisher A&U - Connelly
ISBN 9781760528553
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released October 2018