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Darkness for Light

Caleb Zelic, Private Investigator, just can’t somehow, seem to get it right, as, and despite his best intentions, he believes he has just made the worst decision of the week when he agreed to meet a man at a children’s farm; a man who wouldn’t give his name and seemed to be very anxious to remain anonymous.

When he eventually finds the mysterious man, he is face down in the chicken shed, having been shot through the back of the head. He was right, he had made a very bad decision; one that would plunge him back into contact with his former devious partner Frankie and her sister Maggie; back into the dark, murky underworld of drugs, money laundering, deception and organised crime.

As Caleb is deaf, struggles with depression and is trying reconcile with his beloved wife Kim, the last people he wants to be involved with are the people who helped bring his marriage to crisis point. At the same time, his friend Alberto, profoundly deaf since birth, who owns and runs Alberto’s Café, famous for it ‘swoon-worthy ‘food, finds himself in serious trouble with someone trying to destroy his business. He asks Caleb to help him find out who is behind the very obvious attempts to sabotage his business

Not a good combination for a trouble-free future, but it is not until Maggies daughter ‘Tilda is kidnapped, Caleb realises he must return to a world he would rather forget, actually desperately wants to forget, in an attempt to find ‘Tilda and discover who is trying to settle old scores and why!’

Fast moving, well-constructed and far from straight forward, Darkness For Light is riveting. Having a protagonist who has issues and certainly is not moulded in the usual tough guy image, makes a brilliant contrast to the brutal world of deception and organised crime, providing a fresh element to the genre of crime thrillers, while touching on the many social issues that bring people to the very brink.

Smart, loyal and with a very definite moral compass, Caleb Zelic makes a unique, damaged and very determined adversary with a very uncertain personal future. Hopefully the fourth Caleb Zelic book is not too far away!

Author Emma Viskic
Publisher Echo Publishing
ISBN 9781760685812
Distributor Echo Publishing
Released December 2019