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Daughters of Eve

There is great news for readers of Crime Fiction. A new South Australian author has emerged. She is passionate, has a keen eye for realistic characters and a dramatic style of writing which is hard to put down. Nina D Campbell has written Daughters of Eve using the theme of domestic and sexual violence as her base. She uses a multisided approach, and her male characters are often respectful and cooperative.

The story begins dramatically when a top Sydney lawyer, known to defend many a guilty predator, is shot on the steps of the courthouse. Emilia Hart, who is a Detective Sergeant, was following him down the stairs and tries to resuscitate him, but the pattern of bullets in his chest means a swift death. She immediately begins to activate investigations and to gather information for the team.

Back at headquarters, a tactical response has begun. The stage is set when notice comes in of another shooting. In the next few days there follow many other shootings. The army is called in to keep the city safe. But what is the link between these assassinations.

As she speaks to next of kin, DS Hart begins to see a pattern of domestic violence emerge. Then it appears, a pattern of sexual violence is also a factor in the murder enquiries. Personal experience and a desire to address wrong doings spur Hart to explore all avenues.

Daughters of Eve unfolds seamlessly with each step presented; the flow is smooth. Suddenly there is a dramatic twist when Emilia’s family become involved. This story could become rather grim, but is saved by the humour, and a sense of justice portrayed. Nina Campbell has broken pulp stereotypes and used clever storytelling to great effect. Can’t wait for the next book!

Author Nina D. Campbell
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781761065385
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released 2022