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Dear Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with it comes a time to consider just what the word Father means in your life. Sometimes it is nothing other than pure love of a Father for their children, other times exactly the opposite.

Samuel Johnston, crusader for Cancer Research as well as an acclaimed Actor has invited in his words ‘the most notorious and best loved notables’ throughout Australia, to write a letter to their Dad or the Dad-like person in their lives.

Each of the letters from notable sportsmen and women, actors, musicians, academics, authors, and others, who took up the offer, have been complied to offer a very honest look at just what that word Father, means to them.

Heartbreaking, funny, reflective, and in so many instances the words are those that were never spoken to their Fathers or Dad’s before they passed on. For others, it is the sharing of a special moment full of love, one that perhaps would never be spoken but could be written, to their Dads who are, or were always, an integral part of them and their family’s lives.

Blowing up weeds in the backyard on a Sunday morning with a can of petrol, a love of cars inherited from a banjo playing farmer and Dad, a box of photos and negatives that mean so much, the gift of being able to build a much-wanted tree house and so many more stories fill the pages.

Many have been selected by Shaun Tan to have their letter visited with one of his delightful characters who will now always adorn the page of this particular Letter to your Father.

All the letters that make up Dear Dad have been offered with love, to create this tribute in the knowledge that whatever funds are raised from the purchasing of this book, hopefully lots and lots and lots of money, will go to aid Cancer Research in Australia.

Above all else and as you dip into the pages of this treasure of a book, it reminds you to say how you feel to your loved ones, not just your Dad, time and time again, before it is far too late.



Author Samuel Johnson OAM
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733643149
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released August 2019