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Descendant of the Crane

Within the realms of fantastical literature, particularly the young adult variety, it is becoming more common that a lot of entries read very similar to one another. From the release of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, much fantasy thereon has set to the mould left by its footprint.

Joan He’s Descendant of the Crane, set itself apart from its brethren and becomes a remarkable read. Yan’s Queen, Hesina; formerly Princess, cannot sit with the unease caused by the circumstances around her father’s death… the King’s death. This unease she spurs her into action to, pursue avenues to the secrets and truths she covets. Many of these paths are illegal, but all of them pose danger to someone of her stature. What follows is an unravelling of much she did not know about her own Yan, and a further insight into the long-outlawed magic and its history.

It is here where the charm and awe of the Descendant of the Crane lies. Though not ground-breaking in terms of plot, its setting, and universe are packed with excitement and discovery. It is a book where I felt a little more learned and cultured with each read, which I believe is due to its heavy Chinese influences; I now know what death from a thousand cuts is.

Overall, this story is driven by a pursuit for the truth, and the unravelling of a conspiracy, both of which it pays in full. Despite being a standalone (debut) entry, the author has admitted that there is room for a twin novel, perhaps somewhere in the future. Fans of high-fantasy and well-structured worlds will love this book, others will appreciate the tight storyline and pursuit for truth.

Author Joan He
Publisher Titan Publishing Group
ISBN 9781789094046
Distributor New South Books
Released July 2020