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Esther’s Children

There are many stories of war heroes in different roles and guises. This Historical Fiction, from Caroline Beecham, Esther’s Children, is about a woman called Esther Simpson. Her part, in aiding the pre-WW2 migration of intellectuals and academics from Europe to Britain, was immense. Many of these people were Jewish and contributed to the scientific world so that eventually the war ended.

Esther became a Quaker and worked for the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning in Britain. Her job was to identify individuals who were; Jewish, living in Europe, at the top of their scientific field, and in danger.

Firstly, a position needed to be found for them in England, then referees who would vouch for the migrant’s integrity had to write letters to the Society. Once this had occurred housing for the family was organized. It was a huge task with letters being typed by Esther and posted to Europe. The time frame was lengthy. Several times Esther visited Europe to speed things up.

Her personal life is intertwined throughout the story, with her loving parents, themselves migrants, always worrying about her. Apart from her job, Esther was a superb violin player and when she could, played for the men at the air force base nearby. When Esther met Harry, a Jewish Physicist and fellow violin player, it seemed like her perfect partner had arrived.

Esther’s unique abilities, constant hard work and sincere friendship were appreciated. Among the many refugees she helped to relocate were, Einstein and sixteen people who gained a Nobel Laureate. Many other refugees excelled in their field. Esther always kept track of those she had helped and was herself rewarded for a selfless and dedicated life.

Author Caroline Beecham
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760879501
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released May 2022