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Author Steve Cavanagh hasn’t disappointed his readers with the fifth book in his Eddie Flynne series. ‘Fifty Fifty’, a legal thriller, launches the reader into the unusual situation of two sisters, who within minutes, make a 911 call to report the brutal murder of their father by the other sister. There is no love lost between the sisters Sofia and Alexandra, who were raised in a dysfunctional household by their parents before being sent to separate boarding schools.

In this latest installment, Eddie finds himself embroiled in a high profile, complex murder case as the defense lawyer of one of the sisters, while Kate Brooks, an inexperienced practitioner, procures the other sister as her client.  By advancing the narrative through Eddie, Kate and ‘She’ suspense is created and the reader is provided with an understanding of the legal system and how the law is at times manipulated to advantage one client over another.  Meanwhile ‘She’ provides an insight into the mind of a murderess without disclosing the perpetrator, which further adds to the confusion and tension cleverly created by the author.

Fifty Fifty’ as the title indicates, leaves the reader guessing almost to the final pages as to which sister committed the gruesome murder of their father, former New York City mayor, Frankie Avellino.  Although it is part of a series, I highly recommend this book as it can be greatly enjoyed as a standalone.

Author Steve Cavanagh
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781409185857
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released 2020