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Finding Eadie

Alice Cotton’s tiny baby daughter, Eadie is secretly given away by her grandmother; Alice is devastated.  Her desperate quest to be reunited with her missing daughter Eadie, takes her from police stations to the offices of child welfare oraganisations and finally to the dangerous places used by the baby farmers to sell their illegally acquired babies.  Alice uses her position as the rising star at Partridge Press to expose the horrors of baby farming and to find her tiny daughter.

Intertwined with Alice’s search for her daughter, readers are given an insight into the publishing world of 1940’s where paper was in short supply but books were in high demand. Books were not only popular with civilians but also the troops, as they were seen as a distraction from the grim realities of war and its depravations. The author has included a list of popular books from this era.

This well researched historical love story is set in London during World War II, where the Victorian criminal practice of baby farming was still well and truly alive; the war having delayed 1939 Adoption of Children Act. For readers wishing to further research the practice of baby farming, the author has included a comprehensive list of sources and references.

Not only readers of historical novels, but also those who enjoy an enthralling mystery with a happy ending, will enjoy this page turning book.

Author Caroline Beecham
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760529642
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released July 2020