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Flight Risk

Michael McGuire draws on his many years as a journalist to bring to life the very real scenario that unfolds in Flight Risk, his second gripping thriller, loosely based around the disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 which vanished from the skies in March 2014, with 227 passengers and 12 crew aboard the aircraft. He broadens this out to an almost ‘what if’ situation, which could, in reality, happen.

When Ted Anderson gets called in to the office to see the Boss, disrupting his Saturday morning lie in, he dresses in what he considers his usual uniform: shirt from K-Mart, blue jeans, worn Blundstones and faithful brown leather jacket. Classy, almost ‘stylistic’, but definitely him.

Bob Sorensen talks to him about a new assignment; he is none too happy to be returning to the field as a government agent aka spy, possibly having to return to Indonesia on the track of what appears to be on the surface, nothing more than a simple, overdue Garuda Airlines passenger flight from Sydney to Jakarta.

Somehow Ted discovers he has said yes to this assignment, which he considers is overreaction by the top brass, boards a Government plane to an airfield in the far reaches of Western Australia, and begins what turns out to be a decent into complete depravity, insanity and planned destruction on a world scale never before undertaken.

After being pulled off the assignment in disgrace, after getting involved with the Americans in Jakarta, finding himself in New York, at their say so, he is waiting for a return flight to Australia, e when in the largely silent JFK airport, he notices a cleaner leave what appears to be a small phone or card on a bench. A pilot carrying a Tupperware container, walks past, casually collecting the item and putting it in his pocket.

Making a spur of the minute he decides to follow what he considers as a set of very suspicious circumstances, given that there are now four planes missing, finding himself boarding a flight to Kiev with Ukraine International Airlines, in a first-class seat paid for on the Company Credit Card. His instinct’s, which have served him well in the past, are screaming that this is the next plane to go missing and he wants to find what or who or how this is going to happen.

Riveting and totally suspenseful this a flight you will not want to join – the flight to hell and beyond as terrifyingly real revelations come to light in this engrossing thriller based around fanaticism, religion, hatred and the obsessive desire for world domination.

Flight Risk, a gripping modern-day spy thriller with a storyline very easy to relate to in this modern world of technology and tragedy lives as an almost daily occurrence.

Brilliantly conceived and created this is a storyline that will make you think twice before you board that next flight!

Author Michael McGuire
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760632885
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released January 2019