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For Once In My Life

If you are looking for a good holiday read, then definitely choose For Once In My Life. It is light-hearted, with enough chuckles to keep you entertained. Karly Lane has a down to earth style which immediately ensures the reader will sit back and relax and enjoy the characters.

At fifty-five years old, Jenny lives at home with her three daughters and a grandchild. Two years ago, her husband left her for the young secretary at work. Fortunately, several years before this, Jen decided to go to university and train to be a registered nurse. She has a job which she loves, and enjoys the company of her daughters, and granddaughter.

However, her daughters and her best friend get together. They feel that Jen is still young enough and vibrant enough to begin to seek male friendships as well as enjoy dating and outings. Much to Jen’s horror, they have put her profile on a dating app. She only finds out about this when a planned evening out is revealed to be not with the family, but with a gentleman who is ringing the front doorbell.

After three appalling experiences at the local hotel, (quite amusing for the reader) the only person who has benefitted from the dates is the bartender, who happens to own the place. Much to Jen’s horror, he is kind and sympathetic to her; this is just not what she wanted!

Karly highlights the dilemma’s facing modern women today. Traditions and long held beliefs are questioned while in the midst of family life. An entertaining read.

Author Karly Lane
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781761066122
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released December 2023