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Heart Like Mine

Written from three different perspectives, set against the aftermath of an unexpected death; the perspectives being the Mother: Kelli, Stepmother: Grace and Daughter Ava. This book is not as riveting as you would expect from the blurb as you can work out some of the issues that have occurred in the past fairly easily.

It does focus on relationships particularly between the three female leads. Those that are new and need to be built; grieving; what has changed in a relationship and what may never be again.

Now despite a less than ideal start there is a future for a new family life if the ladies are prepared to work at it and trust one another, be it lover, sister, mother, step mother, best friend or sibling.

It is an interesting tension that links the relationships; we are thrown back to Kelli’s past and Grace and Ava try and find out “why” and “what” happened. We read along as the various characters uncover the truth, but do they truly want to?

The truth, as expected, slowly emerges but is tinged by bittersweet memories and loss of relationship.The sadness comes from the future that will never be as the reader is privy to the last moments of Kelli’s life. A solid read.


AuthorAmy Hatvany
PublisherAllen & Unwin