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He’s back and right from the first page you are sucked into the latest macabre thriller from Jack Heath, Hunter, the second book in the series involving Timothy Blake and his rather unusual job as a ‘body-disposal’ expert.

Following on from the hugely successful Hangman, Timothy Blake is out waiting to collect his latest ‘body’, when he smells something that is far from a dead animal.

He finds a ‘body’, lying in the snow, and draws the conclusion that the drop off was earlier than expected and simply can’t help himself – he takes bite out of the arm, then becomes that there is someone else out in the woods on this particular stretch of lonely road, and he is not happy.

In a panic he hurriedly stashes it in the boot of his car and heads home, missing the pick-up.

He knows this is not the body he was expecting, as the other one is supposed to be much bigger and this one is a little on the scrawny side, but as he has already taken a bite, and there is blood on his face he decides he needs to get out fast.

When long-time friend and former ‘handler’ FBI agent Reese Thistle calls him in to use his unique set of skills in a murder investigation, he realises the man in his freezer is the missing man.

But as the bodies keep mounting, and time is running out a on all fronts, the situation is dire indeed as his current boss Crime Lord Charlie Warner, who does not like being messed around, is getting very, very nasty indeed.

To further complicate a complicated matter, Timothy is beginning to feel a little bit too comfortable around Thistle, and after a night of lovemaking, a body is found in his backyard, one he knew nothing about, and things really start to go terribly wrong.

Each of the chapters begins with a riddle from the man himself Timothy Blake, a man whose complex personality loves a challenge as he makes a small living on the side, solving puzzles. This also allows the reader a very small insight into his complex character, with some of the riddles easy to solve. The others, well good luck! Or maybe they are used as a red herring and the solution to the riddle is to be found within the chapter?

Once again, a captivatingly gruesome read, best read with the light on and the doors locked, laced with a good dose of black-humour, which along with a raft of issues explores the exploitation of women, social justice and the crooked pathways that often lead to solving crimes.

Best read after Hangman as it provides a much-needed backstory to round some of the characters out.


Author Jack Heath
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760527082
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released March 2019