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Into the Night

The Dark Lake was Sarah’s first novel, and she won great acclaim for it. We were introduced to the detective Gemma Woodstock, in a murder mystery that was taut, suspenseful and captivating. Into The night, follows on with Gemma’s career. She has moved from a small country town to Melbourne where she continues to work with the police as a highly intelligent and resourceful detective. The author involves the reader by expanding Gemma’s personal story, and describes the child she loves so much, but can’t raise and the man she loved, but can’t live with. This young woman has her own demons but spends her days hunting out others.

Gemma’s first case involves the senseless murder of a homeless man in a tunnel. There is no reason why anyone would harm this gentle man. Very shortly after, Gemma and her partner are advised that a street in Melbourne’s CBD will be closed for the filming of a TV show. Although security is at a premium, another murder takes place. Again, there seems to be no logical reason why this popular young man should be killed.

Sifting through CCTV footage in the city and questioning all those involved in the murdered man’s life is standard practice, but Gemma has a special knack of listening to what is not being said. As she goes about her plan, organizing others to do the leg work and compiling ideas, more avenues are opened for investigation. Along with her new position, Gemma has to respond to her fellow workers, learn the ropes in a new station, and again deal with her demon.

The author pulls us into the story by gradually revealing information about the people who were close to the murdered man. We get to know them and the victim, which adds to the picture that we are trying to build up. Most stories can’t be trusted, and as the detective is trying to piece together stories that match.

The writing is beautifully descriptive in this story, so that the reader understands the feelings and emotions of the characters. There is much to draw one into the story, the unemotive factual processes and the passionate desire of Gemma to have some stability in her life.

The author describes all actions of Police procedure comprehensively, and has set a new barrier for Psychological thrillers. This is an excellent follow up to her first book, and I believe that Sarah Bailey is set to become a leading crime fiction writer.

Author Sarah Bailey
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760297480
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released June 2018