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As always with spoofs, especially black comedy, there is an element of truth and reality combined in the story line and in this case, and bearing in mind this book would have been written sometime before the final polling of the last US elections, it makes you wonder just what line of thought and reason Luke Rhinehart is plugged into when he creates his storyline; you could almost consider this one and a prediction of things to come.

If so, the work of fiction is well worth considering in another perspective, of perhaps there really are some amongst us who have other ideas in mind, are definitely concerned about the destructive pathway we as humans are traveling and want to do something about the entire mess.

But onward: When Billy Morton sets out to go fishing it is simply for a day out on the water and maybe to catch a fish or so, but unfortunately for Billy he catches something so completely unexpected, it changes not only his life, but that of his wife and children.

 ‘Louie’ lands in his boat, but where he has come from is unimaginable and to make matters worse Louie decides to follow him home. What Bill does not realise is Louie is here for a long time to come, and has adopted Bill Morton’s family as a good place to be, while he takes a bit of a look about this planet Earth, and have some fun while doing so.

Louie is only one of the many ‘aliens’ who have decided that they needed to come to earth and have a little ‘fun’ with the earthlings.  The trouble is their intellect is so much more superior than those on Earth and what they consider is simply a little bit of fun with computers, politics and anything else that takes their fancy, the FBI consider to be terrorist activities.

Unfortunately for Billy and his family, along with Louie and his friends, they soon find themselves in serious trouble with the US Government and the FBI. What has started out to be a bit of fun to get the population of America to take a look at what they are doing looks like turning into full scale war.

Entertaining, intriguing and based soundly in today’s very real world, there is much to enjoy, reflect upon and chuckle over, as you come face to face with some very weird friends of Billy’s, who really do have a very serious point to make in regard to politics, environment and world powers.

This is only book one in what looks to be like a very, very interesting series, so look out for the next episode to find out just what does happen next!.

AuthorLUke Rhinehart
PublisherTitan Publishing Group
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedDecember 2016