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Just an Ordinary Family

If there is such a thing as a blockbuster of a book, Just An Ordinary Family, Fiona Lowe’s latest family saga, could certainly be considered as such, as she has once again captured perfectly a family in distress, as secrets held long finally emerge into the light, destructive, cathartic and devastating.

There is no short way to write about this captivating book without creating a spoiler alert, so enjoy the story as it unfolds, as you will certainly recognise the characters in those around you, which is why Lowe’s stories captivate, as they are built around real people, real emotions and real situations.

Alice Hunter returns to the home of her youth, Kurani Bay, heartsore, single, struggling to earn some sort of living with series of casual summer jobs, back living with her parents once again; a far cry from her very upmarket position and life in Melbourne.

Libby, Alice’s twin has it all: she loves her career as one of Kurani Bay’s Doctors, has a dream of husband who loves her immensely, two beautiful children and a fantastic home. Libby desperately craves another child after the still birth of her and Dominic’s last babe. Her obsession with becoming pregnant is placing a sever strain on her relationship with Dominic.

Jess Dekic came to Kurani Bay as a teen, daughter of an alcoholic mother, fierce, independent, intelligent and determined to take whatever came her way in life; to succeed and never return to the Bay. She is now a single mother of a joy filled toddler, and despite not wanting to return, realises it is the best option for Leo.

Karen Hunter, mother of Alice and Libby holds some serious secrets buried deep, scars of her childhood, a deep sorrow connected with her sister and terrified that somehow her carefully constructed family life will collapse. Always a worrier she has spent much of her life overprotecting her beloved daughters.

When the family structure begins to collapse, it is very interesting to observe how Fiona Lowe has crafted the emotions of the people who have woven a very complex web of lies and deceit, all bound together through love.

She has captured the very essence of devastation, rebuilding, love, hope and grief as each of the women eventually has to look within to be able to forgive, to rebuild, to accept that life is never perfect and that tragedy can come with hidden blessings.

A word of warning thought: do not expect to put this book down once you have begun to read it. Just An Ordinary Family makes the perfect read for those who are in ‘lockdown’, or simply are remaining at home and enjoying the moment.

Author Fiona Lowe
Publisher Harper Collins Publishing
ISBN 9781489257352
Distributor Harper Collins-HQ
Released February 2020