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Kill Your Husbands

Beware when you begin the dark, intriguing and absolutely terrifyingly good Kill Your Husbands, the latest noir murder mystery from Jack Heath as it is absolutely riveting, but perhaps best not to be read on a dark, rainy, night when the wind is blowing and the temperature dropping.

How can a weekend away at a remote but beautiful location with friends go so terribly, dangerously, murderously wrong? Three couples, four of whom have known each other since their school days, decide to go for a weekend away which turns out to be anything other that what was expected.

Carefully constructed each of the friend’s story is told individually, their thoughts and emotions laid bare as they reflect on their friendship, their relationships with their wives, their husbands; but do they really know each other at all, or do they only know the public face of the people they pretend to be.

When a terrified woman arrives at the Warrigal Police Station, Kiara Lui is sent on the job. When she arrives at the scene she finds two dead men, a terrified couple locked in a room upstairs and one of the wife’s missing.

This is Detective Sergeant Kiara Lui’s first case as a lead detective; all eyes are upon her to solve the case and solve it quickly. She has her own problems with partner Elise who has been acting in a very unusual manner. This side issue acts as a foil to the ever deepening mystery of who killed who and why.

Woven with a very skilful hand and light touch, with a somewhat macabre sense of humour strategically added, Kill Your Husbands is the perfect antidote for a hot summers day or cold winters evening.

Author Jack Heath
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781761067587
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released December 2023