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The cover of Later looks like the front cover of a cheap novel or pot boiler of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, but the storyline is right out there with modern day  hard case pulp fiction, the words that of a master of the chiller thriller, Stephen King.

Later is a word imbued with many meanings and in his case later is not at all what is expected, as the storyline starts out to be relatively innocuous: a crime, a cop, a single mother, her son and the cop that becomes her lover.

So what is so horrifying about that? Plenty as it turns out in Stephen King’s latest short novel as the boy, Jamie Conklin has a special gift: an unnatural ability to see the spirit of the dead after their death and to be able to talk with them for a short time. Born with this gift all Jamie wants to be is a normal kid. He has learned to keep his ability a secret, but his mother can’t resist using to complete a manuscript by one of her bestselling clients, who died before it was finished.

Liz Dutton, crooked cop and one time lover of Tia, Jamie’s Mother, realises his ‘gift ‘is for real and sets out to exploit it for all she is worth, but in doing so places them all in the most horrific danger, as one of the dead has no intention of doing what is normal and refuses to tell the truth; something the dead are required to do.

Pure evil is unleashed with devastating effect and in the end it is bravery, honesty and courage that sees a gruesome end result. Told though the eyes of Jamie Conklin it is hard to place the book in either YA or adult fiction categories, but that is hardly relevant, as the storyline to Later is gripping, chilling and somewhat complex, but then so to can everyday life be the same.

Author Stephen King
Publisher Hard Case Crime
ISBN 9781789096491
Distributor New South Books
Released March 2021