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Generally crime fiction narratives develop around the notion ‘Who’; however this is not the case with ‘Light Seekers’. Being greatly affected by ‘Aluu Four’; the necklace lynching that involved four young men in 2012, clinical phycologist author, Femi Kayode, has built his tension filled, powerful novel around the ‘Why’ of a similar fictional event. 

Dr Philip Taiwo is an academic, physiological investigator, who specializes in studying the motives behind mob justice and crimes committed by crowds with the view of possibly preventing such future crimes.  He is persuaded by his father into taking on the case of the Okriki Three, in which the university student, son of his father’s rich and powerful friend, is executed by ‘necklace killing’; the boy’s father wants answers.

Having just returned to his native Nigeria from the USA, Philip soon realises that he is a stranger in his own land, however assisted by his driver and liaison, Chika, they sift their way through conflicting accounts of events, while encountering hostile and often violent people determined to silence them. Horror, terror, suspicion and confusion abound as this pair question key witnesses and try to amass evident to unravel the challenges of their mission.

Set in post-Civil War Nigeria, the author provides the reader with an insightful picture of the country’s troubled history; the murders, devastating destruction, brutality and violence.  This multilayered, atmospheric, well researched thriller is both enlightening and a fascinating look into the Nigerian culture, politics and religion.  

I highly recommend this compelling read to crime fiction lovers who enjoy a protagonist, plot, and setting, which differs from the usual crime fiction format.

Author Femi Kayode
Publisher Raven Books
ISBN 9781526617590
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released February 2021