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Little Falls

Little Falls from Will Werner is a darky intriguing, very entertaining novel about seeking alternatives, dumb luck and moving on.

Ed Teak is the CEO for Little Falls Hospital. He considers he is burnt out, hopeful of finally getting fired from his job and self-medicating on Prozac, which he gets from Dr Wills, a Doctor at the hospital who has taken on the role of surrogate father to Ed, upon the death of his father.

John Tate is a legend within Little Falls Hospital; a man who is revered in an almost God like manner, who lead the team of Doctors at the Hospital during the halcyon years when Little Falls was booming, growing rapidly to encompass the ever expanding population.

Ed is very different. All he wants is a peaceful life far from the Hospital, anything resembling germs, blood and other bodily fluids, people who always want something and being expected to be the savior of a failing enterprise.

Instead of getting fired, there seems to be a the very real possibly of a private concern, Aspen Health, taking over the rapidly sinking ship of Little Falls Hospital. The Chairman of the Board wants Ed to try and improve the bottom line so the figures look at least better than despairing.

Looking at the Finances of the hospital in a desperate hope to find a solution, he notices something, several somethings, he considers could make a massive difference, if only they were no longer there! Perhaps, there is a way forward and hopefully get a decent financial handshake on the way out the door,

As Ed’s carefully constructed plot unfolds, it seems that Ed, for all of his failings, walks on the side of the angels as he sets out, in person, to right wrongs, correct the bottom line and remain unscathed. That is until things begin to go wrong, very wrong and a rethink is required.

Not a fast paced story Little Falls becomes in its very descriptive manner almost addictive, as Ed moves from crisis to crisis, gaining confidence, but in the meantime terrified of what he has set in motion. Where will it all end and will this be enough to make the very real changes that he hopes will be his way out of a place he truly does not like!

Little Falls looks at mental health, the burden that family can sometimes place on their children and the road we could maybe all travel when hope seems to be in short supply in very real, wry and most enjoyable manner.

Author Will Werner
Publisher ‎ Chad Brecher
ISBN 979-8988779001
Distributor Amazon
Released November 2023