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Lying Beside You

A woman, Myra goes missing and later turns up dead, her 67-year-old father has been bludgeoned to death and within days another young woman vanishes; feared abducted. Are these cases linked? It is time to seek the assistance of forensic phycologist and criminal profiler Dr Cyrus Haven, who works through their lives to find connections and unravel their deeply buried secrets. Will Evie’s uncanny ability to tell if people are lying help him solve the case?

Initially after finding the gruesome body of Myra’s father, the investigation team is uncertain. Is Myra a killer or is she being held captive? A few days later a second young woman, Daniela, goes missing from a bar where Evie works and from where Evie had assisted her to ‘safe’ transport home.

Meanwhile Cyrus offers Mitchell Coates, convicted rapist of nurse Lilah, a job and accommodation but is Mitchell as innocent as he claims? Myra’s body showed a striking similarity to the state in which Lilah was found eight years ago. How are Myra, Daniela and Lilah connected?  Forensic clues lead to a number of potential suspects.

His paranoid schizophrenic brother, Elias, who had murdered his entire family, is due to be released into Cyrus’s care, while vulnerable Evie, not only struggles to adjust to everyday life but also the advent of Elias living in her home.

In Australian author, Michael Robothan’s latest enthralling book in the Cyrus Haven series, Lying Beside You, he skillfully interweaves the personal lives of Cyrus and his friend/flat mate Evie, with the gripping investigation. Evie and Cyrus are superb lead characters, who both play a part in bringing the investigation to a satisfactory but unexpected conclusion.

Readers will thoroughly enjoy this compelling, fast paced, third book in the Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac crime series, with its red herrings, suspense, twists and turns and satisfying conclusion. As this series is addictive, hopefully there will be a fourth book in the not too distant future.   

Author Michael Robotham
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733648151
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released August 2022