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Lyrebird Hill

Two stories, different but similar: Two women from the same family living more than 100 years apart with both lives filled with change and tragedy. Is there a curse on the family, or is it simply the way things are in life. Set in Australia this is a story which will keep you engrossed until the last page.

When Ruby Cardell was thirteen her life changed forever: the death of her beautiful sister Jamie at Lyrebird Hill in mysterious circumstances left her battered and with amnesia in relation to what had happened on that fateful day.

Breena Macgavin agreed to leave her beloved home on Lyrebird Station to save the property from a forced sale and marry Carsten Whitby, a man she knew from his visits to the property and business dealings with her father. Her life also changed, but for the worse, not the better.

Ruby Cardell realises that although her life has been successful there is something missing. When she catches boyfriend and well known author and psychologist Rob Thistleton out having an affair with another woman she realises something needed to be done, something had to change. Her life, although successful and reasonably happy was limited by the events of the past…

She attends her mothers, an well know artist, exhibition opening and discovers the starkly vivid works of Lyrebird Hill and her sister Jamie, start to stir the memories hidden for so long. Meeting an old neighbour Esther Hillard who still lives at Lyrebird Hill encourages her to return to a place she had once loved to spend some time. When she arrives she discovers Esther has died the evening before.

When Breena arrives in at her new home in Tasmania the reality of the situation she has found herself in on her marriage starts to hit home. She leads a life, while surrounded with luxury, is lived in fear of her new husband. She discovers true friendship with his sister, a woman of Mystery and poor health.

Breena falls deeply in love with the beautifully damaged Lucian, servant and right hand man of Carsten Whitby. This love proves to be a love which will eventually lead to terrible consequences for them all.

Both stories intertwine seemlessly over the years. Once Ruby discovers a cache of letters buried by her mother many years before under a huge chestnut tree on Lyrebird Hill she begins to read of the terrible happenings of the past she discovers there are secrets hidden deep within the family that have led to horrific results.

How the two stories play out is fascinating and riveting reading with the end result as unpredictable as any true life story.

This is a story beautifully crafted out of past and present which is hard to put down and will remain with you to be revisited time and time again, as all good stories should.


AuthorAnna Romer
PublisherSimon & Schuster