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Maeve Binchy’s Treasury

What an absolute joy it is, to be reading Maeve Binchy again in Maeve Binchy’s Treasury and to have a great holiday book to enjoy. Sadly, this wonderful storyteller passed away in 2012, so it was quite unexpected to be given this book.  It contains many short stories which are grouped together in related subjects.

As always Maeve has a sharp eye for human behaviour and a great sense of compassion. Her stories are non- judgmental, but characteristics of people are so keenly observed often the reader will relate to them in a story. As older readers, we are familiar with the natural flow of life, where children grow up, leave the nest, and then return home far wiser than we could ever be! There are life lessons to be learned by reading Maeve, as she often has her character solve family problems in the most unusual way.

Always realistic, the author does not shirk from the issues surrounding Christmas. The expectations that everyone seems to have whipped up by the media and shopping malls, of a blissful and joyous Christmas, never come to complete fruition. The Yuletide stories show a grumpy grandparent, or a disapproving relation and how this affects the celebrations. One must laugh when this is revealed in other families.

Maeve Binchy invades her writing with a sense of reality, but also a sense of hope. Rarely is there no solution or no decision than cannot be made to sort out problems. Life continues, we make mistakes, learn from them and move on. It is so good to come back to positive and pleasurable reading.

Author Maeve Binchy
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760879228
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released December 2020