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McKellan’s Run

When Violet returns to the town she grew up in it brings back more memories than she had been expecting. Inheriting the house she had been thrown out of by her bitter Grandfather, she wonders if she has done the right thing coming back with her daughter and intending to set up a party planning business.

Reflecting on life and its many twists and turns she decides there are not that many choices in her life and sets about making the old house a home.

Trouble, in the form of her car breaking down and the plumbing falling to pieces, along with almost no income, as her fledgling business is just starting to get off the ground, almost breaks her resolve in that she has done the right thing returning to Violet Springs.

Sarah McKellan offers her the job of wedding planner for son Jason’s wedding in just six weeks’ time, but is she ready to face the McKellan’s knowing full well her daughter is Jason’s’ child; the child she chose to keep when he finalised their relationship so callously more than six years previously.

Finances force her to accept the offer. She reluctantly agrees to meet Sarah out at the homestead to decide what areas are to be used.

Knocking on the door, it opens abruptly and she falls into ‘Mac’ McKellan’s arms, not at all what she thought or ever expected was going to happen.

Mac had always had a crush on her but realised he was second best in the running, as Violet had only been interested in Jason all those years ago, but now, now a was a different thing indeed and he realises he still feels as strongly as ever about Violet, perhaps more so!

Violet, on the other hand is impressed with the man ‘Mac’ has grown into, from the teenager she treated as a brother, and takes a good second look at the muscled, handsome man holding her steady.

And so the scene is set for a wonderful, warm romance weaving its magic in the Australian countryside. But can Violet, regardless of how she is beginning to feel about “Mac’, trust another McKellan even if he is gentle, handsome and has accepted Holly into his life?

Settle in for delightful afternoons read as love blossoms for two people who really do seem to be made for each other.

AuthorNicole Hurley-Moore
PublisherAllen & Unwin