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Mrs Harris Goes to Paris & Mrs Harris Goes to New York

Initially written in 1958, Mrs Harris Goes To Paris is being released as a major film in 2022. It is difficult when reading the book to relate to the photos of Mrs Harris on the front cover, but as with all book-to movie transfers, there must be some adjustments made.

The story is charming and reflects the values of the times. Mrs Harris is an incurable optimist who believes the very best about everyone She is not daunted by a haughty demeanour, an impeccable accent, or immense wealth. Her innate goodness is what she sees in everyone else, and she treats people accordingly. Although Mrs Harris is a cleaning lady she still dreams, and one day when a client shows her a dress designed by Christian Dior, something dramatic happens.

Owning a Dior dress of her own, becomes a goal for this determined lady. In per suing her dream, Mrs Harris has to face many challenges. In her own pragmatic way, she influences people in France and England, always with the best of intentions. And if coincidence plays a part in her success, we can only be grateful for it.

When the Mrs Harris series was originally written the books became beloved of many as during the 1950’s in Britain the effects of World War II were still impacting on daily life and anything that lifted the spirits was more than welcome.

Perhaps in today’s world of considerable uncertainly a little of Mrs Harris and her eternal optimism will go a very long way.

Author Paul Gallico
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN 9781639730834
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released July 2022