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Murder at the Island Hotel

Miss Underhay #15

It is the Spring of 1936 and Kitty Bryant and her friend Alice have gone over to the newly established Bird Hotel on the remote Bird Island, to do an assessment of the Hotel for admission to the Torbay Hoteliers Association.

They are looking forward to an evening of simple enjoyment, good food, with pleasing company in beautiful surroundings, until Sir Norman is found dead, apparently taking his own life, which makes little sense as he was very excited to be able to finally open his Hotel to the wider public. As the hour’s tick away and the brewing storm increases in strength it becomes obvious something is far from right.

Stormy weather sees the phone line down, help from the Torbay Police unable to be given, leaving everyone at the Hotel wondering what will happen next. Kitty steps in in her usual calm manner to ensure the scene of the ‘murder’ is left untouched.

When help finally does arrive, it is far too late for one of the other guests who appears to have fallen to his death on a crumbling cliff walk.  Kitty and Alice find themselves, once again the midst of murder, both trying in as discrete manner as possible, to gather as much information from the others as possible.

Who is telling mistruths and who is not is the real question and once the real state of Sir Norman Whittier’s financial affairs is known, it seems several of the guests, including his fiancé Marie Monbiere, could well have had good reason to murder the man. 

Murder at the Island Hotel has a well thought out plot, populated with very interesting cast of characters, all of whom are thespians or connected to the world of theatre, which adds a further intriguing layer to this delightfully old- fashioned cozy murder mystery.

Author Helena Dixon
Publisher Bookouture
ISBN 9781837900619
Distributor Amazon
Released March 2024