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Murder by Invitation

A Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery Book 15

Lady Eleanor (Ellie) Swift is reunited with the love of her life Hugh Sheldon, upon her return from America, but is in a dilemma as to the wisdom of having become engaged. Hugh has some time owing and is spending it is Little Buckford, enjoying Ellie’s company, which is a delight not just for Ellie, but also for the staff, as they adore the handsome Detective who is to become part of their household.

Meanwhile the village of Little Buckford is getting very excited about the King’s birthday celebrations and its out to make a statement with the decorations and many planned events. Every household is involved in making Bunting, baking and growing impressive gardens to beatify the Village.

Ellie, reluctantly attending yet another emergency committee meeting, notes the atmosphere is very fraught. The Chairman Mr Prestwick-Peterson (PP), less than popular for his almost obsessive attention to detail, becomes very upset when the blacksmith Mr Dawkins interrupts the meeting.

Henley Hall is in a flurry of creativity and baking when the news PP has been found dead is delivered. Naturally Ellie, along with Hugh go to the scene, where they discover the many items created for the event scattered all over the halls, the body of PP, strangled with red and blue bunting.

And so begins Murder by Invitation from Verity Bright with an excellent plot line where anyone of the many people PP has upset over the time he has spent in Little Buckford, could be the murderer. The question that troubles Ellie is who, in the little village could hate PP so much that they were prepared to commit murder.

As Ellie and Hugh, assisted by the redoubtable Clifford begin to try find the murderer, they discover that Mr Prestwick-Peterson appears to have no recordable past; his lodging room is pristine and the only clue they can find is a faded picture of a beautiful woman.

Time races on and the King’s Birthday celebrations rapidly approach. When an idea occurs to Ellie, she and Clifford set off investigate the old Mines long closed. Will the remarkable team find the answers they need in time or will this be their last investigation?

Bunting, murder, love and mystery come together in this latest adventure, Murder by Invitation featuring Lady Eleanor Swift, her remarkable and unique Butler Clifford, Detective Hugh Sheldon, Gladstone and his new best friend Tompkins, in what is a page turning cozy murder of the most enjoyable style set, in the era of 1920.

Author Verity Bright
Publisher Bookouture
ISBN 9781837907168
Distributor Amazon
Released September 2023