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Murder Is Revealing

Dr Myaisha Douglas, widowed at a young age and avid reader of murder mysteries and detective novels has always had a secret longing to be able to solve a murder; but it is a case of be careful what you might sort of ask for, when her long-time friends Candice Knight turns up dead.

Murder is Revealing from Michelle Corbier is a rather wandering murder mystery in the cozy style, delightful to while away a wet, dreary afternoon and while not a taxing read, she has managed to hide the murderer for the entire book.

 Who done it, really done it, is a complete mystery to both Myaisha and the local police force Detectives as the further they dig into Candice Knights life and backstory, the more suspects there are; far more than Myaisha could have ever imagined.

She and Candice have been friends for many years, but the depth of Candice Knight’s dishonest business dealings rocks her belief in herself and their friendship. The further she searches for the truth she discovers so many of her friends from the church and the Greensbro Women of Colour Writing Group, a group both Myaisha and Candice belonged to, have been scammed, and not in a small way either.

As the day’s wear on, Myaisha is no closer to finding out any more about the murderer than are the Detectives, but when the prime suspect ends up dead and Myaisha is placed in danger, purely buy association with Candice’s husband, she is warned to stay away. There is no place for amateurs, no matter how willing in what is fast turning out to be a somewhat deadly affair.

As a first novel Murder is Revealing starts off in a rather verbose manner, but eventually gathers pace. A considerable amount of American jargon is used, which to non-American readers is off-putting, but overall the plot is strong. With some careful editing and a bit less verbosity, this would be a tight knit, page turner ‘Who Done it’, rather than a slow burn.

Author Michelle Corbier
Publisher Bowker (March 8, 2022)
ISBN 978-1737525202
Distributor Booktopia Austrsliarder, scam, friendship, mystery
Released march 2022