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My Husband’s Killer

Close friendships made during student years are often the ones which are sustained throughout life’s ups and downs, however, when that trust is broken it is definitely devastating for all concerned.

 In ‘My Husband’s Killer’, bestselling author Laura Marshall’s fourth psychological thriller, the dynamics in a tight-knitted group are charged with tension as members attempt to keep an aspect of their lives secret from the others.

On the day of her husband Andrew’s memorial service, grieving Liz makes a shocking discovery which makes her rethink everything and everyone.  She finds herself burning with rage. Which of her oldest trusted friends is lying? Who had betrayed her? Each one of them had lied to her about something. Which hidden secret could provide a motive for murder?

The author drives this page turning novel by alternating the narrative between the weekend three months ago, when the university friends spent time together at a luxury home on the Amalfi Coast, and post funeral times.  As the atmosphere during their Italian holiday becomes more intense and claustrophobic, the bubbling resentment, shocks and surprises come to the fore to keep the reader totally engaged.

The group returned home without Andrew, who was presumed drowned. What really happened to Andrew?

Some readers will find it a little difficult to keep track of the large cast of unpleasant characters, however, astute readers will recognize the red herrings and hints to help them identify with whom the victim was having the affair and who murdered the victim.

Author Laura Marshall
Publisher Hachette /Sphere,
ISBN 9780751575071
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released December 2022