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Neon Gods

When you a take the Gods from Olympus and place them very firmly in the 21 century, and have an excellent and witty way with words, you have a hot steamy romance that is as unexpected as it is very cleverly written. Neon Gods by Katee Robert is a very clever, modern romance that will make you laugh, wonder and really understand what depravity is all about, Hades style.

Hades is alive and well, up to mischief as usual, simply being him, enjoying life even though he is supposed to be dead, well dead. Society darling Persephone Dimitriou is forced into an engagement with Zeus by her mother, but realizing the enormity of what has occurred, and thoroughly disliking Zeus, she chooses to run away, crossing the River Styx, running towards a stranger in a dark coat: a man she does not know but believes anything will be better than a life with Zeus.

And so begins a modern day romp through the world of carnal delight as Hades and Persephone fall in and out of lust, enjoy creating general havoc, at times even more so than Hades would like, as it is clearly creating disruption in his carefully managed lifestyle.

Persephone likes to think he does not have the upper hand, and decides to show him a thing or two about creating havoc, Upper World style, before the pair of them find they need to discover common ground as they, much to Hades surprise, seem to be developing more of a deep relationship than he would have ever considered. After all he is Hades, a man of the dark side, and she, well she is just a beautiful, indulged, woman.

Romance, love, lust and debauchery rub shoulders with a captive storyline that will intrigue, enhance and titillate as the well-known, or not so well known, Gods of Olympus, as well as Hades, set about doing their thing. 

One aspect of the storyline which could very easily be overlooked in the steamy nature of the writing, is the very definite correlation between so very much of the hedonistic lifestyle prevalent throughout the recent modern world, where whatever it is you want must be had.

In Neon Gods, Katee Robert has taken the very rich, seductive and decadent life style lived of the Gods of myth and legend, adding a very modern, twist to their story.

Author Katee Robert
Publisher Source Books LL
ISBN 9781728231730
Distributor Source Books LL
Released August 2021