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Nothing Can Hurt You

Sara Morgan, a New York college student was murdered by her schizophrenic boyfriend Blake while in a psychotic episode. Despite the fact that her throat was cut so deeply that she was almost decapitated, Blake after a short stint in a mental institution was freed to get on with his life. In her innovative debut book ‘Nothing Can Hurt You’, author Nicola Maye Goldberg explores this event and develops the reader’s understanding of Sara and Blake not as the victim and the perpetrator, but as real people.

Inspired by a true event, the murder of Sara is told in first and third person through a multiple of character’s perspective. Her murder not only affected her direct family members and friends, but also by individuals in the community who engaged or are linked to Sara; some more tenuously than others. The narrative is told in an original manner through twelve vignettes; each flowing on from the previous one.

In U.S.A ‘Nothing Can Hurt You’ was identified by People Magazine as the best book of the summer.  If you are looking for a different kind of mystery, which is more than a dead girl genre, this is the book for you. Although written about a troubling subject, readers will find this a well written thought provoking novel; how easily those who purport to love us can hurt.

Author Nicola Maye Goldberg
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN 9781635574890
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released September 2020