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Only Americans Burn in Hell

It would be hard to argue that the world in which we live in is anything like the world of yesteryear. Politics seem to be election of the most unlikely to succeed, TV reality shows rule the world, bad behaviour by those who were once held up as pillars of society seems to be the norm and the average person seems to be losing their tenuous grasp upon reality.

Jarrett Kobek has, in this wonderful satire taken serious umbrage and done, or tried to do, something about this sad and sorry state of affairs, by writing this novel Only Americans Burn In Hell. He has created the wonderful fantasy queen based on Superwoman and Dennis a Saudi billionaire who star throughout this provocative and outrageous tilt at a ‘world gone mad’. This is kind of their story, kind of, but is in reality, very much our story.

He has unerringly taken aim at just about everything there is to take aim at; from politics, always a good field full of wonderful material, perhaps more so now than ever before, media, money, publishing, the Internet, and the false reality created by marketing, now a normal component of life designed to lead people down pathways, not really of their choosing, lulling them into a state of ready acceptance.

Perhaps, as he says, along with taking a serious shot at everything, probably seen his career as an author burn to a crisp, but he has without prejudice, draw some serious attention to the very long and growing list of the wrongs of the world today.

Brilliant, dangerously inflammatory, strangely cathartic, with an underlying and very real anger, Kobek is sending a clarion call to a world now full of apathy to wake up, take note and rise up against the lethargy, that the world will not be rescued by Superheros and it is time, once again for the people of the world to take charge.

Only Americans Burn In Hell is most definitely a novel for our certifiable and insane times!


Author Jarett Kobek
Publisher Profuile Books/ Serpents Tail
ISBN 9781788162203
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released May 2019