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Looking at the cover of this book, it seems to indicate a sinister and dark story. However, this is certainly not the case. The author has chosen to unravel the story in a most interesting fashion. He begins by telling us about Mac, who has just taken possession of some expensive new number plates to go on his very expensive new car. Mac is aware that his wife will not be happy with him, but is certain that he can sort things out. As he is driving his car home, a learner driver rear-ends him gently, but enough to damage the expensive new plates.

 The story heads back in time then to the end of the Second World War. Dick has just arrived home from New Guinea to his sweetheart, Nora. The story tells their tale, how they have always been a pair and always intended to marry. They did so, much to the joy of Nora’s family. Life was wonderful and later they were blessed with a son, Gordon. Unfortunately he was to be their only child.  Dick had accepted a job found for him by his father- in- law, as a garbage collector for the City Council. He was still physically fit and enjoyed running alongside the truck.

 Dick cannot understand why Nora would want Gordon to continue on at school, and so he finds the boy a job on the garbage truck. At this stage of the story, the reader is wondering how the beginning of the story might tie in with these historical reflections. The next section of the story deals with Gordon meeting Colleen and their marrying. Their first child is named McAuley; hence the link between Mac at the start of the story is made.

 The author has given us an interesting background to a story that is male dominated according to the times. We then return to the present where Mac and his new car have come up with an unbelievable hitch, and a life changing moment. To reconcile this with his wife who adores him, and to not lose what is dear to him, will be Mac’s greatest challenge.

AuthorDavid Finchley
PublisherAustin MacCauley Publishers
DistributorAustin MacCauley Publishers
ReleasedJuly 2017