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Max Barry is an Australian author following up his smash hit, 2013 novel, Lexicon. Providence, his new release, takes a few left turns from what he has written before, and tells a story that will be familiar to those who are fond of Space Operas.

Providence brings a few interesting and new elements to the table of this genre. A couple of portions of the story are written in second person with more than enough ideas and moments that make this book stand out from the pack. The book touches on many themes such as autonomous machines, boredom, comradery, and heavy morals. Providence tells a galactic war story with many different and exciting additions that even strong fans of the genre will not be expecting. These twists seem to be relevant to our current era and climate, with elements of social media prevalence slipping seamlessly into the storyline, ensuring it doesn’t become generic.

A new spaceship called Providence is launched, and woe behold to any salamanders that may cross its path. The providence ship is the most technologically advanced and has a single mission of obliterating humanity’s alien counterpart, the salamanders. In fact, this ship is so advanced it can handle navigation, planning, and battle strategies all by itself and it does so very effectively.

The four crewmen are more likely to be under threat of boredom and each other, compared to the war that is waged outside the bulkhead wars as there is very little circumstance, they will need to put their brains or skills to use. The extend of this concludes back home on Earth, where the progress of the war and battles must be divulged to the masses by the crew, propaganda style.

Providence provides some very tense questions and situations, along with the characters, which will keep the reader guessing. Perfect for any science fiction fan, or someone who likes to experience something a little different from the rest, the differences in this book are refreshing and provides for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Author Max Barry
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733643019
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released May 2020