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Revenge: Murder in Three Parts

To feel that one hasn’t been given the opportunity to reach one’s full potential, often leads a person to become frustrated and discontented; this certainly is the case for Yannie, a bright, intelligent woman, who is the main protagonist in S.L.Lim’s second novel.

Yannie, the second child of Chinese parents feels that she’s had to play second fiddle to her spoilt, arrogant, older brother, Shan, who was often violent towards her. She spends much of her life harbouring resentment towards her family, in particular her brother for the lack of fulfillment of her potential and for the resultant achievements which were denied her.

Revenge: Murder in Three Parts’ covers several family issues including lesbian relationships, parental expectations and the role of the daughter in many Chinese families. The author, S.L.Lim’s, first book ‘Real Difference’ won the 2020 Glenda Adams Award for New Writing in the New South Wales Premier’s Literacy 2020 Awards; this one was long listed for the 2017 Epigram Fiction Prize.

The title ‘Revenge’ keeps the reader engaged and turning the pages to discover how the revenge is executed! This book lends itself to an animated book club discussion.

Author S.L.Lim
Publisher Transit Lounge
ISBN 978-1-925760-58-3
Distributor Transit Lounge
Released September 2020