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Rising Dust

Fleur McDonald’s latest murder mystery Rising Dust opens with two men speaking, one in Indonesian and one translating into English; a woman realising she may be at the end of her life. Why, she can’t understand and she ponders on the strange and terrible circumstances that have bought her to this place and time.

Dave Burrows and his senior officer and mentor Bob Holden are on their way to a job out on Double M Station. It appears there are sheep missing, but how and why are yet to be discovered. Dave is still hurting from his marriage breakdown, the death of his mother-in-law and his partner Spencer at the hands of Bulldust and his brother Scotty.  

They stop at Double M to get the full story behind the stock losses, before deciding to move on to Corbett Station Stay for the night, the neighbouring property to Double M and one they need to check for stock loss.

But their stock loss case is about to take second place when two girls, backpackers who work at the station, run towards them screaming, calling for help; they have discovered the body of a man on the long and beautiful beach known as Turquoise Bay, a major attraction for the station stay guests.

When a second body, that of a woman, turns up a little further along the beach, the situation turns dire, as rain has flooded the station roads, making getting in and out almost impossible. All of a sudden their routine case has turned into something neither Dave or Bob feel they are prepared to cope with.

A group of young men have become seriously bogged out on one of the station roads, needing to be pulled out of the quagmire, obviously not the campers or outdoor types they purport to be, along with a few other miscellaneous events having occurred over the past few days, both Dave and Bob begin to wonder how their association with the station and the bodies on the beach could possibly be connected.

Over the years Dave Burrows has become an all-time favourite with readers. As Rising Dust, is a retrospective, many pieces of his life in the Force, his difficult divorce from Melinda, and his mental health struggles unfold.

Rising Dust has an excellent plot which, apart from what is happening to Dave, will keep readers engaged until the somewhat astonishing conclusion as to what really has been going on at Corbett Station Stay.

Once again Fleur McDonald has woven a captivating story set in rural Australia that has a possible romance beginning, some serious murder having been committed and the underlying sad and sorry issue of drug smuggling just adding to the mix, making Rising Dust the perfect, gripping page turner, for a comfortable afternoon on the couch.

Author Fleur McDonald.
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760878832
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released March 2021