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Ruthless Women

The world of soapie television is one that is addictive, with the shows often running for years and years  in one time slot or another, the world they portray is one many crave; a world of glamour, sex, drugs, backstabbing and lies. 

Ruthless Women is set in this world of steamy, no holds barred ruthlessness that is the reality behind the artificial glamour of a show, Falcon Bay, which has been on the screens of the world for 39 emotional episodes, but is fast fading, losing money with aging actors losing their once glamorous appeal.

A new Company, headed by Madeline Kane, purchases the rights to the series, in the hope of pumping fresh life into the much loved series. She is prepared to do whatever it takes to get the show back onto prime time television. All is not as it seems with Madeline as something about her simply does not seem to fit.

Farrah, Catherine and Amanda have been holding the show together for years; all ambitious, all driven and all passionate about their work, but as the pressure goes on, they become deeply involved in a world of lies, deceit and tragedy which will not only destroy the show, but could also sacrifice their hard won friendship.

Melanie Blake has lived in this world of glitter, glamour and cut throat ambition, using this first-hand knowledge to create a racy, to say the least, storyline with a cast of unforgettable women and men all trying to survive in a world where loyalty is not an attribute, absolute power a drug they all crave.  

For the lovers of hedonistic fiction, as written word, or on the stage and screen, Ruthless Women will fill the cravings of soapie addicted fans in a very classy way: one that lays bare the depths people will go to in order to reach the top and one that can easily be relate to on the journey to the top of the Corporate ladder; glamour, lies, sex and all!

Author Melanie Blake
Publisher Head of Zeus
Distributor Harper Collins Australia
Released March 2021