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Season for Murder

The FitzMorris Family Mysteries Book 3.

If you enjoy a rollicking good story told with wit and irreverence, you will enjoy Season for Murder from Anna A Armstrong as she deviously weaves a light-hearted and yet murderous pathway to obtaining the golden crown of Lord-Lieutenant’s wife.

Vivian Plover has her heart set on husband Christopher becoming the next Lord – Lieutenant of the region and she has decided that nothing, and she means nothing, will stand in his way. She is a woman who considers she and her husband to be the perfect people to fulfil the role of the Monarch’s representative for the coming year.

Sitting in the Cemetery at Little Worthington she is happily dreaming of the stellar day and making plans accordingly; as she says in any war there are to be casualties. Serious contenders are Jo and Sebastian as well as Jim Stuart. Dee FitzMorris is considered as someone who needs to be removed as well, as she is a bit too successful at everything she undertakes and is a bit too well liked, for Vivian’s comfort

Her Godson Tristan seems to have become engaged to none other than Emily Langdon which does not impress her either, but with the Michaelmas Ball coming up in only a few weeks, planning must go ahead regardless of the obstacles placed in her way.

Ah, so much to get sorted out and so little time. Dee becomes unwell, but recovers, but a fire at the hide where birdwatchers Dee and Jo are enjoying birdwatching, almost achieves Vivian’s desires. The hide, made of wood catches fire, the door locked from the outside. They both manage to escape but Jo is seriously burnt.

Vivian simply regroups and comes at the problem from another perspective. Nothing seems to be falling into place as she had so carefully planned, after all, committing murder is not really that hard. But she is congratulating herself that while not killing anyone, at least this time, she seems to be eliminating the other contenders relatively well.

Or is she?Season for Murder is a delightfully irreverent cozy murder that will captivate until the final, deadly result is achieved, and the next Lord-Lieutenant is elected

Author Anna A Armstrong
Publisher The Cotswold Writer Press
ISBN 978-1739421748
Distributor Amazon UK
Released October 2023