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Shiver is a modern take on the timeless classic And Then There Were None from Agatha Christie, laced with the uncertainly of who done it and why. Invited to a reunion in the French Alps during the first snow fall of the season, a group of friends meet up after a ten year absence. The last time they were all together Milla’s beautiful friend Saskia disappeared in mysterious circumstances, eventually being declared dead.

Milla is not too happy about the reunion as it is going to bring back the dread and fear of their last meeting, at a time when they all together, competing for the same snowboard crown; a time of love trust and destruction, a time best left behind. As the group gather it becomes apparent that something is a little off:  everyone except Saskia is there, and everyone thinks someone different invited them.

As time passes and the snow thickens it become obvious that there is more to the reunion than many of them first expected. Told in past and present times by each of the friends the storyline is while familiar, utterly engrossing and chilling with callous regard for human life.

The central character Milla tells the story in segments and it is not until the final stages of what has been a true set-up, that the reason for the invitation is revelled, which strikes fear and horror into their hearts. One of their former friends is out for revenge and to get even for imagined and real injustices. They are not too fussy about how they go about levelling the field.

Once the snow melts at the end of the season, the bodies will come to the surface but until then those who remain will walk in fear.

Allie Reynolds has crafted a true chiller of a thriller and one that must simply be read until the final, final pages to find out who really did do it! You will never guess!

Author Allie Reynolds
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733644900
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released February 2021