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Six Days In Rome

It was to be a romantic getaway to Rome. Instead it becomes a solo journey of unexpected self-discovery against the backdrop of ancient historic Rome.

Emilia, a thirty one year old accomplished artist with a significant following on social media, and her boyfriend had booked an idyllic six day break in Rome, however after a messy break up (he was married), she became a solo traveller. She decided to follow the itinerary which had been meticulously planned to include favourite places she hadn’t visited since childhood, as well as those included by her ex-boyfriend.  As she traveled around the city, Emilia reflected on her past memories; both pleasant and challenging.

Francesca Giacco weaves the narrative of Six days in Rome in and out of Emilia’s memories, emotions, personal relationships and experiences of Rome. Emilia takes the reader on a journey not only through Rome, the city, but also through her life and loves in New York. She is a deeply observant and self- reflective narrator.

Her descriptions of food, scenery, and the atmosphere of this magnificent city will transport readers, who have previously visited Rome, back in time; wonderful descriptions of Italian cuisine and the sweltering heat of Rome in July.

Some readers may find the story line in this slow burn debut novel hard to follow at times, as the narrative jumps back in time, goes off at tangents and then returns to the present. However, Six Days in Rome will definitely resonate with readers, who have ever spent time travelling alone.   

Author Francesca Giacco
Publisher Hachette Australia. Imprint Headline Review.
ISBN 9781472295842
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released May 2022