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Something to Hide

Following on from Red Dirt Country, Something to Hide finds Dave Burrows at a crisis point in his life, or should one say another crisis point, this time one that will make it or break it for his marriage, which is somewhat more than a little rocky. The birth of his second daughter Alice has bought joy into his life, but has not helped Mel learn to manage any better, with the challenging lifestyle of the wife of a Detective in the Stock Squad.

Barely recovered from the trauma of Dave going undercover and almost getting killed, she accidently sets off a chain of events which places their already fragile marriage under severe breaking strain. She has no idea whether she should call it a day as her father want her to do, or try once again to hold the marriage together, but when Dave has to return to Barrabine on another case, she lays down her ultimatum; leave the Police force or leave her and the girls.

Unfortunately for Dave, the re- appearance of Bulldust in his life, via his ‘accidently’ bumping into Mel at the supermarket, sets the fuse. When he is called to Barrabine to investigate what appears to be stock theft, unknown to him, Bulldust and his brother Scotty just happen to be in the same area; laying ow, keeping out of sight as much as possible, but there none the less.

As two different cases collide, so too does the danger. Dave is caught in the emotional mess of facing the inevitable; the end of his marriage or once again following a hunch that may see him place himself, as well as his beloved family, in great danger.

Something To Hide ramps up the tension to new heights as Dave lays everything he loves, believes in, dreams of, on the line to bring to an end the deadly careers of Bulldust and Scotty, stock thieves and murderers, and hopefully bring some peace to both himself and his small family.

Fleur McDonald has come up with ripper of storyline that is going to be hard to follow, but then Detective Dave Burrows, now has a lovely wife Kim and a terrific patch he calls home; so what next for this favourite of favourite Detectives. Guess we will have to wait and find out!

Author Fleur McDonald
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760876821
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released March 2021