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Takes One To Know One

Is semi-retired FBI counter terrorism agent Corie Geller just a slightly bored woman, who has made a huge change in her life to become a suburban wife and mother, or is she someone who has a nose for sniffing out something which doesn’t seem exactly right?  Her heightened perceptions are tweaked at her weekly luncheon with other work from home professionals; Pete Delaney seems a little ‘weird’!

Pete combines a total lack of personality with some odd behavioural habits – is he trying to hide something? Are first impressions always correct? Corie knows better than to ignore her instincts and training. In order to investigate Pete, Corie encourages her father, a retired NYDP detective (the only one who takes her seriously), friends and acquaintances to gather information about him, so that she can verify her suspicions.

Through Corie Geller’s first person perspective, the narrative is not only a tale of solving the mystery surrounding Pete Delaney, but also an insight into the sleuth’s relationship with her family and the realities of her recent marriage. The first half of the book tends to meander through the day to day life of Corie vetting books in Arabic for possible publication and her very occasional jobs for the FBI; the actual mystery with a suspenseful plot developed slowly.  The real action started midway through the book when the pace was picked up and a thriller-type story evolved for the last few chapters.

Fans of Susan Isaacs have waited five years for her to publish her fifteenth sleuth novel.  “Takes One to Know One’ will not disappoint her readers, who will enjoy this cozy mystery with a twist; an easy, escape holiday read.

Author Susan Isaacs
Publisher Atlantic/Grove Press
ISBN 9781611856378
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released March 2020