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Tender Things Shall Die

Riveting and powerful Tender Things Shall Die from Stephen Edward Reid portrays the human psyche from many different perspectives in this murder mystery that keeps the suspense very real until the last page.

Set in a Victorian village in 1865, the people who live there have chosen to move out of London and form a community of like-minded people based on religion, sharing and fairness; a community where everyone has a say, no one person rules and life is lived in an equitable manner.

That is until their beliefs and system of government are put to the challenge of deciding whether a man is guilty of murder or not.

On the violent death of Violet Walkers husband, the man being tried as guilty of his murder causes her to go to an old friend of her husband, Arman Shaw, to come and defend the man, to ensure he has a fair trial. Arman, now a widower and recluse, decides to come with her back to the Village where things definitely do not go according to plan.

Tender Things Shall Die takes the time old story of lies, deceit, cover-up and mob rule to a sharp and stunning conclusion, as Violet attempts to manipulate her way through the mob judgement that sees the Villagers decided the fate of a man on very little basis, little fact and with the intent to clear the matter up as fast as possible.

Stephen Edward Reid has captured a very fine thread, spinning it into an intriguing story based around human traits that will allow injustice to be done for the so called betterment of the greater good.

Author Stephen Edward Reid
Publisher Top Hat Books
ISBN 978-1-80341-269-6
Distributor Colllectiveink Books
Released August 2023